Tuesday, July 28, 2015

red statement coat

Good morning peeps:) In the moment it's really cold here for summer time and it's also so rainy and windy all the time. So I had to put on this coat (in July!!!) which I found one month ago in the Zara Sale and it's a very easy way to refresh your outfit with a statement coat like this. I already have one in yellow which I wear a loooot, so I thought it was time for another color and this time I got red.

Btw I made it to gym yesterday, you can't imagine how proud I was afterwards.^^ So it's definitly time to make it as a ritual again, going to the gym about three times a week. So let this ritual conitue and I will go to the gym now before I've changed my mind, haha. 

Have a nice day♥


coat and shirt from Zara // jeans from Asos // belt and shoes from H&M

Monday, July 27, 2015

basics meets golden budapest shoes

That's a typical Sunday look for me. I like to keep it simple when no special activities are planned. You never can go wrong with a blouse, a (destroyed) jeans and a trenchcoat and as a small eyecatcher I decided to put on my golden budapest shoes.

So today it's all about cleaning, tiding up, doing the shopping, searching for a possible university and writing applications - so what a beautiful day, isn't it!?^^ But when I hurry up a bit I have the time to go to the gym in the evening, it's high time because I got sooo lazy the last months. It's weird how your habits can change, half a year ago it was normal for me to go to the gym 5times a week but then it slowly got less because I made myself a lot stress for the final examen and felt bad when I worked out instead of learning so I sat down by my desk and maybe went to the gym at most one time per week. Now I will try to motivate myself and go to the gym more often and also try to eat healthier. We will see how it works.^^


trenchcoat from H&M // blouse, jeans and shoes from Zara // bag from Mango

Saturday, July 25, 2015

snake-printed high-heels

Let me show you my new love - this high heels. I just love them, they are so special but also very easy to combine to jeans, all kind of dresses, elegante looks, casual looks and so on. So you notice they are a good investigation.;) I think I will wear them a lot the next time, exactly like my jeans jacket, I live in this like you can see in the last few posts.^^
Happy Saturday for all of you!<3

jacket and dress from Zara // shoes and earrings from Aldo // bag from H&M