Tuesday, June 9, 2015

jeans jacket meets pink trousers

On a normal Monday it's all about a comfy and casual outfit. I like this outfit for this kinds of days because it's comfy but also chic because of the light colors, the silk blouse and the elegante trousers. The flat shoes and jeans jacket make it casual and why only wearing one bag when you can wear two and make the look more interesting with it?! Haha. In addition in the moment I'm so lazy that I'm to put some make-up on my face and also to style my hair, so the perfect solution is to wear a hat and also a big pair of sunglasses.^^

I have my final, final exmanen in about two weeks and I'm so afraid of them so I try to learn as much as possible so that I don't fail. But now I will enjoy the good weather for an hour and walk with my dog and my bestie and then I will learn for some more hours.
Hugs babes!<3

hat and shoes from H&M // jacket, blouse, trousers and clutch from Zara // bag from Mango 

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

sea side

Finally the weather is hot enough to wear short clothes again and that in the evening. My best friend, my dog and I spend the evening at the beach to enjoy the weather and of course to take pictures, hehe. It's so cozy to walk with your dog without freezing. Tomorrow it will be around 30 degrees celsius and my bestie and I will try to get some tan before I have to work and of course we will take some pictures again, haha.
Now we are lying in the bed after sitting on the terrace for another two hours. But soon it's time to sleep. So have a good night peeps!<3

pullover, shorts and shoes from Zara // bag from H&M

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

silver statement necklace

Normally I only wear golden jewelry but once in a month I change my attitude and wear silver jewelry.^^ It's not so classy and elegante like my golden ones, so it's a good way to make your outfit more casual although you are wearing a statement necklace.

My day today was filled only with boring stuff, learning for some hours, working  and again learning. So I hope tomorrow is a bit more funnier and relaxing but I'm very optimistic.
Guess how I will spend my evening now?! Right, with learning some more because I get a new history book today and of course I have directly to read it, I'm so exciting about it - nooot, haha.
Have a good evening my beauties!<3

trenchcoat from H&M // top from Topshop // jeans from Asos // shoes and necklace from Primark

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